Let all – God is love – King of the Ages

SOH plus clef and notesSongs of Hope hymns podcast for 10 Aug 2014. Hymns include:

  • Let all the world – Cantus Choro
  • God is love – Choirs of St Marys Edinburgh
  • Kings of the ages – Kingsway music

http://www.southernfm.com.au/podpress_trac/web/25061/2/SOH-2014-08-10-SOH-3hymns-128.mp3%5D%20Click%20the%20play%20button%20for%20the%20audio.%20Play%20time%20is%208%20minutes.%20Right%20click%20%20href=http://www.southernfm.com.au/podpress_trac/web/25061/2/SOH-2014-08-10-SOH-3hymns-128.mp3download%20to%20download%20%20%20%20%20wordads-ad-content%20%20class=wordads-ad-controlswa_smart.cmd.push(function()%20sas.render(sas_110354););%20window._stq%20=%20window._stq%20;window._stq.push( ['extra',{x_wordads_smart: 'render_sas_110354',},] );

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